Do Gophers Pose a Danger to Me?

September 1, 2023

Overall, no, gophers are not dangerous animals.

They do have very large front teeth so we do not recommend handling them without protection. However, since they live underground it is very rare for them to be on the surface.

The Risks of Gopher Activity and What Can Be Done:

They can do a lot of damage to landscapes and gardens because they will eat a lot of your plant material. They will eat the plant at the roots first but they have been known to pull entire plants down into their tunnel system.

In addition the loss of your plants they leave behind unsightly mounds crescent shaped mounds. These mounds will typically be plugged with additional dirt in the very center to prevent predators from entering their tunnels. The dirt will typically be finer in texture.

      shrub with damage from a pest

Because they are native to the area it is difficult to completely prevent gophers from coming into your landscape.

Luckily there are ways to help keep them at bay and prevent damage to your property! 

We have found our methods of trapping and baiting to be very effective at keeping gopher activity under control.

Properties that do not regularly experience gopher activity tend to benefit most from our “one time” trapping service. This entails us placing traps underground within the tunnel system that the gophers create. Our expert technicians will regularly monitor and check these traps until there is no longer evidence of new activity.  You can read more about it here!

If your property regularly experiences gopher activity or you live near large open spaces then our ongoing program may be a better fit. Our ongoing service covers gophers, moles, and voles and entails using a combination of trapping and baiting to keep these critters under control. Read more about this service here!

If you are experiencing gopher activity please give us a call or submit an online form so that we can assist you!