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If you see flat, crescent-shaped mounds of dirt grouped together, you might have a gopher! You can also keep an eye out for dying plants that may have had their roots eaten by the gophers.

hidden critters

pocket gophers

Pocket gophers are very common in our area and the entire western hemisphere. They live completely underground, so if you see something running on the surface you likely have a ground squirrel or some other critter other than a gopher. Gophers are herbivores that feed on plants and their root systems. They especially love tomato plants and roses but are happy to eat almost any plant. Gopher will not go away on their own so it is important to act fast when you first notice it.

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We control gophers with traps. The traps we use are placed completely underground so that they are safely hidden from pets, kids and other animals. We check the traps we set every 7-10 business days, so about once a week, until there is no new activity in your yard. We don’t set a time limit on our process because we want to ensure that the activity is cleaned up before we pick up our traps. We also offer a 30-day warranty on our control, which means that within 30 days from our last billable visit, we will come back out, waiving the set-up cost and only billing for additional critters.

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