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How to tell if your pest is a gopher

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If you are seeing crescent-shaped mounds and dying plants throughout your yard then you might have a gopher!

Hidden critters

Pocket gophers

Gophers are very common in our area as they are native to North and Central America. They live completely underground and feed on plants and their root systems. They are territorial creatures so it is quite uncommon to have a gopher infestation but every property is unique. Most often properties have only one to three active gophers.

Because they are native to the area it is difficult to completely prevent gophers from coming into your landscape, however, our control methods of trapping and baiting have been successful at keeping them at bay.

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Our trapping methods

Safe and secure

Our one time service is a trapping only service which entails us placing our traps within the gopher tunnel system underground, this means that our traps do not pose risk to anyone on the surface. Our expert technicians will check the traps within 10 business days of the previous visit and will continue to do so until there is no longer evidence of any new activity. There is no set time limit for this service as every property is unique and we want to ensure that the activity is cleared up before we remove our traps. 

We also offer a 30 day guarantee so if any new activity is seen within 30 days after we remove our traps you can let us know and we will come back out and waive our setup fee.

If you are experiencing gopher activity please give us a call or submit an online form so that we can assist you!

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