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Ground squirrel control is a must for those properties that have ground squirrels on or around them.  This is because California ground squirrels can be very detrimental to the foundations of homes, hillsides, driveways, and other structures. They can move tons of dirt and create intricate burrow systems.  Sometimes a hole can be a nest for one squirrel, other times there can be tens of ground squirrels. Not only can these grapefruit-sized holes have several ground squirrels inside, but ground squirrels also often carry fleas.  We have seen infestations so bad around ground squirrels’ nests that we would wear boot and leg covers when going near them.

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Due to the ground squirrels’ prolific breeding pattern, we use bait stations for control primarily. Bait stations provide very effective control during the squirrels’ most active months, April through October. Since the squirrels stay active all year round, we also offer trapping services for squirrels digging in risky areas during the winter months, November through March. Ground Squirrels do run on the surface to collect food so our bait stations are designed to attract them there. They are specially designed and built in-house to provide the highest level of protection and security from other animals.

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