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If you are seeing trails of chunky, volcano-shaped mounds of dirt and patches of dead grass throughout your yard then you might have a mole!

Subterranean predators


These burrowing rodents are very common here in the Bay Area and more northern counties like Marin and Napa as they are native to all of North and Central America. They live completely underground and feed on grubs, bugs, and worms. This means they will not go after your plants but they can still disturb your landscape and leave behind unsightly mounds. They are territorial creatures so it is most common for properties to only have one or two.


Because they are native to the area it is difficult to completely prevent moles from coming into your landscape, however, our control methods of trapping have been successful at keeping them at bay.

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Our one time service is a trapping only service which entails us placing our traps within the mole tunnel system underground, this means that our traps do not pose risk to anyone on the surface. Our expert technicians will check the traps within 10 business days of the previous visit and will continue to do so until there is no longer evidence of any new activity. There is no set time limit for this service as every property is unique and we want to ensure that the activity is cleared up before we remove our traps. 


We also offer a 30 day guarantee so if any new activity is seen within 30 days after we remove our traps you can let us know and we will come back out and waive our setup fee.


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