the gopher team history

where we started

Our Story

Our company initially started in 1999 as a plant healthcare company in the East Bay. We focused on helping people keep their landscapes healthy and thriving. This means providing pest and disease control services on landscape plants and lawns. Within a couple of years, we noticed how big of a problem gophers and moles were for our customers, so we started trapping them just to be helpful pro-bono. Eventually, it started getting out that we provided the service, and since no other companies in the area provided a professional trapping service for gopher and moles at the time we decided to invest in developing a branch of our company that could help homeowners protect their gardens from burrowing pests specifically. From there, our Gopher Team has grown, and we now service all of Contra Costa County, most of Alameda County, and Marin County.

reliable, knowledgeable, and professional

what you can expect

We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable team that are professionals in the industry.  All of our employees are background checked and drug-screened since we know it matters who we send to your property.  We also know that having a quick turnaround time is extremely important because the faster we get there the less damage will happen.  For that reason, we guarantee a 3 business day turnaround but usually make it out within a day or two of a service request. Our Gopher Team is the most reliable, knowledgeable, and professional team to help you get rid of the gophers and moles on your property with an efficient and quality service.

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We take pride in customer satisfaction and provide the best value service every time.