Ongoing Pest Control Programs

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Gopher, Mole, and Vole Control

If you experience consistent critter activity or live near open spaces then our ongoing program for gopher, mole, and vole control may be a good fit for you!

Routine Visits
Since pesky gophers, moles, and voles cannot be prevented from returning to wreak havoc on your beautiful landscapes throughout the year, this program includes 8 regular visits a year that occur about every 6 weeks.
Unlimited Service Calls
Any time new activity is seen in between our routine visits, all you have to do is let us know and we will return to service your property at no additional charge.
Fixed Price
We will estimate the total cost of servicing your property for a full year at a flat rate and break it down into smaller installments that are more easily payable each month. This means that there is no additional charge for the setup or catching of any new gophers, moles, or voles on your property for the year.

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Ground Squirrel control

Due to the fact that ground squirrels are prolific breeders, trapping is an ineffective method of control. We use a multi-feed bait kept in bait stations that are strategically placed around your property to keep control of the population. Our bait stations are specifically designed and built in house to provide the highest level of protection and security from other animals. 


Due to the size of ground squirrel colonies and their prolific reproduction rate, it often takes up to a year of consistent treatment to gain control of the population which is why we structure our ground squirrel service as an ongoing annual service.