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What if I have 8, 80, or 800 Gophers?

The great news is that gophers do not cohabitate! They are actually quite territorial. Most of the time, we only find one or two in a garden. If you think you have a bunch, call us! We are happy to help you figure out what is going on in your garden.


Is the program right for me?

A Gopher, Mole, and Vole Control Program may be right for you if those pests keep appearing in your yard! We find that properties that back up to open space, a golf course, a creek, or even a park can usually benefit from an ongoing program. If there is any place that gopher and mole activity goes unchecked (sometimes a neighbor’s yard is like this) can be a breeding ground for these pests. As the population increases the gophers, moles and voles will seek out your beautiful and irrigated landscape for food and soft soil.


How do you set the traps? Will it ruin my grass?

We set traps completely underground. Our ultimate goal is to protect your plants and landscape so we do everything we can to avoid damage. We do this by removing the soil we need in a plug or cork-like manner so as to not break the roots of the lawn or plants. We can then set our traps and put the plug right back into place. We are so good at it that we actually can’t find where our traps are set unless we mark the area with something like a flag.


Are the traps safe for my pets?

The traps are completely underground and are not baited so there is nothing that would attract your pet to the traps.


What about protecting other wildlife?

We do everything we can to protect other wildlife and pets. We use all products only as directed by the California EPA and DPR regulations. We also primarily control ground burrowing critters and therefore most of the action happens underground so it won’t be exposed to other predatory animals.


How do I prevent Gophers and Moles from coming back?

There is no real effective method for the prevention of gopher, mole, and voles. Sometimes a wire netting is installed under lawns, around plants, or as underground fences to work as a prevention method. Read more about our thoughts on gopher netting here.