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Safeguard your Antioch, CA, property from underground invaders with our expert rodent control services. Whether battling gophers, moles, voles, or ground squirrels, our tailored solutions address each pest’s unique behavior. Trust us for strategic trapping, eco-friendly methods, and compliance with local regulations. Reclaim your landscape and ensure a pest-free environment with our specialized rodent control in Antioch.

Gopher Control

Gophers are burrowing rodents that live underground and eat plants. They leave behind crescent shaped mounds and eat plants from the root up.

Mole Control

Similarly to gophers, moles are burrowing rodents that will leave behind pushed up mounds of dirt. However, they are carnivorous so they will not go after your plants and their mounds are more of a centered hill of dirt.

Vole Control

Voles are small meadow mice that take over old gopher/mole tunnels, they are herbivores so plant loss is a common sign of these pests. They leave behind small open holes and little trails in grassy areas.

Ground Squirrel Control

Ground squirrels are rodents that live in large underground burrows, they leave behind large open holes and you will often see them running along the surface.

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