What Does Mole Digging Look Like?

May 15, 2023

Are you seeing raised piles of dirt in your yard? Here’s how to tell if it is a mole!


These mounds of dirt (also called “mole hills”) will look more volcanic in shape and are chunkier in consistency than gopher mounds. Moles create tunnels underground in order to hunt for grubs, bugs, and worms in the soil and leave behind these mounds they shovel the dirt behind them, this sends the dirt up and out onto the surface.

mound of dirt from a pest     



Mole mounds in the grass or other open areas will often be in a sort of trail that follows along with their underground tunneling. It is also very common for them to leave mounds along the edges of hard surfaces like driveways, paving stones, and retaining walls.

mole holes in grass     gopher destroyed garden walkway


Damage to Plants?

Moles are carnivorous so they will not actively go after your plants. However, their activity can potentially cause damage to the root systems of your plants and lawns.


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